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Most email users have hundreds or thousands of attachments in their inboxes. Whether you're a lawyer, accountant or a busy professional, get organized now by connecting your email to Rettach. All your files will be arranged and stored to automatically to your OneDrive or Google Drive account, allowing you to access your data from any device.

Easy search features

With Rettach, you can search attachments by sender, company name, date or keyword, making it a breeze to find the file you’re looking for.

Get organized

Your desktop no longer needs to look like a checkerboard, with files taking up every square inch of display space. Rettach will organize and store all your files in the cloud, allowing you to free up your Desktop space and organize your life.

Access your files any time, anywhere and from any device

With Rettach, it no longer matters if you are on your desktop, home device or mobile. All your files are safely stored on the cloud and can be easily accessed from anywhere.

Take control of your cluttered inbox

There’s no longer a need to save and file every email attachment you receive just in case you need it at a later date. Sign up for our monthly on-going service, and every attachment will be automatically saved to the cloud, allowing you to clear up all that space in your inbox.


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Rettach is an amazing timesaver!

It has saved users more than 12 hours every month. Imagine what you could do with that time!

Now all these work better than ever before.

Rettach can integrate seamlessly with any of your email softwares like office 365, outlook, Gmail, Box etc and organizes your attachments into manageable folders. It uses personalized rules making a search that much easier.

Our Pricing Plans

30 Days trial
Just need a reboot?
Free for next 30 days
Choose our low one time fee to instantly save and organize all your existing files and attachments. For $9.99 we’ll get that inbox back under control!
30 Days trial
Starting to drown again?
Free for next 30 days
For just $3.99 each additional time, choose as often or as little as you like to save and organize new attachments.
30 Days trial
Realize you always need Rettach?
Free for next 30 days
Sign up for our ongoing service, and we’ll automatically clean up your inbox daily. Only $1.99 a month – isn’t your time worth more than that?
I love how Rettach integrates seamlessly with my email and storage provider. They are constantly updating and improving the product, which I love. Keep it up!
Albert Delgado
Every person that uses email for work knows the pain of organizing and storing attachments you’ve received. Especially if you’re often on the go and need to access those attachments in a pinch. Well, no more, now that there’s Rettach.
Adam Guzman
My desktop was a mess. Files everywhere with no way of organizing or accessing them from my mobile. Rettach saved me! Now I can find all my files in seconds from anywhere!
Rachel Knight
I was wasting hours every week digging through emails looking for the attachments I wanted. No more! Now I simply log on to my Rettach account to see all my files neatly and safely stored and organized.
Lori Jacobs
For pennies a day, Rettach automatically does what it was taking me hours a week to do! Worth every cent!
George Obrien

How does Rettach work?

Rettach automatically connects to your email accounts just like an email app on your smartphone, tablet or desktop does. When Rettach detects that you have new emails with attachments, it copies those attachments to your storage accounts (so you don't have to do it manually). The destination folders for these copied files are determined by the rules you choose in Rettach. We highly recommend the pre-built templates, as we have found them to be effective, and they only require a single click! Of course if you'd like to configure or customize your own rules, you can do that too. This is very similar to "email rules", where you setup your email app to organize your emails into folders based on any criteria that you want.

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