Automatically saves your files saves your emails organizes everything saves your files saves your emails organizes everything

Add an intelligent assistant for your inbox, to organize, search, and save your files to the cloud

Rettach saves, organizes, and protects your important emails and attachments.

  • Never lose an important file again - Rettach continuously and automatically backs up your Emails and Attachments.
  • No more endless searching in your inbox - Rettach seamlessly saves and organizes your files, making it easy to find and share a file when you need it.
  • Works with the services you already have - Rettach connects and super-charges the email and cloud storage services you use today, including Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, and any email service.
  • Did we mention Rettach was automatic? - Never panic again if you delete, lose, or forgot to save an email, we did it for you.
  • Online or Offline - your email and attachments are ready for you, sorted and organized so you can keep working.

The only file management you need.

Rettach is your virtual email assistant, working 24/7 to save and organize all of your files for you.

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