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 What does Rettach do?  (427 views)

 What are the supported EMAIL services?  (378 views)

 How long does it take between when I receive an email and when it is in my storage?  (361 views)

 How does Rettach work?  (349 views)

 Will Rettach sync all of my old attachments?  (347 views)

 How do Rettach smart rules work?  (340 views)

 How does Rettach protect my data  (339 views)

 Is Rettach for business or personal use?  (337 views)

 How do I add services to my account?  (326 views)

 How do I re-sync one of my accounts?  (307 views)

 What if an account is not syncing?  (306 views)

 Do I have to do anything after Rettach is setup?  (298 views)

 What are the supported STORAGE services?  (279 views)

 How do Rettach Security Controls Work?  (262 views)

 How do I create a Rettach icon on my desktop or home screen?  (259 views)

 Why did you create Rettach and how does it "free my files"?  (253 views)

 What are the supported file types?  (247 views)

 What does Rettach provide for companies in terms of value and security?  (232 views)

 Does Rettach store my files?  (223 views)

 What if I want make changes to my accounts or if I want Rettach to stop syncing?  (221 views)

 Should I save my emails as PDF or EML files?  (186 views)

 How do I sync my emails?  (185 views)

 I have an Outlook.com address, which type fo service should I pick?  (171 views)